An entirely new concept for watering your plants!!!
With Aqua Balance you will get many years of pleasure from your plants. This without you having to be concerned whether you water them too much or too little. Because Aqua Balance works as simple... and as ingenious as nature itself!!!
By virtue of its clever working (on the basis of variations in air pressure), Aqua Balance only gives your plants water when they need this. That's why Aqua Balance is suitable for all your plants, inside and outside!!!
Aqua Balance dispenses water below the ground at the roots of the plant. Your plant receives water at the same moment that it loses moisture. The ideal balance! Your plants drink in accordance with a natural rhythm. Never too much, never too little. No more rotting roots, no more stress through dryness!!!
Through the regular and accurate water supply of Aqua Balance, your plants will become strong and develop a strong resistance against diseases and insects.